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Connecting with local businesses

April 5th, 2018

WMRF spreads the word about its work to Western Sydney businesses 

More than 120 business partners and guests attended “Business After Five”, a networking event organised by Parramatta Chamber of Commerce and hosted by Westmead Medical Research Foundation (WMRF) at Bertonia Lounge in Parramatta.

Westmead Medical Research Foundation Head of Development Joe Conneely praised the Chamber for the opportunity to host the event on Tuesday and thanked everyone for their attendance.

“Westmead Hospital has more than 330,000 people who are admitted annually and has just under 1.5 million people as outpatients, so it’s easy to say that Westmead has an impact on everybody’s life here in Western Sydney,” Mr Conneely said.

“The kind support of our ongoing corporate donors allows us to assist the amazing staff with their medical research, patient care and the outpatient services for the community since 1990.”

Parramatta Chamber of Commerce President, David Hill and Business Relationship Manager, Romina Bousimon, presented a certificate of appreciation to the Foundation.

Guests included Parramatta MP Geoff Lee, past and present board members of the Chamber and representatives from a diverse range of Western Sydney businesses.

Pictured left to right: Joe Conneely Head of Development WMRF, Alison Whittaker Relationship Manager WMRF, David Hill Chamber President 2017/2018, Dr Geoff Lee MP State Member for Parramatta, Michael Mekhitarian Chamber Immediate Past President, Gary Carter Chamber Board Member.

Members and guests were invited by the Chamber to join their upcoming Charity Golf Day raising funds for WMRF,  this event will be held on 8 May 2018 at Oatlands Golf Club.

To find out how you can support medical research and patient care, call 1800 639 037 or email us wmrf@wmrf.org.au

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SMART EATING WEEK | 12-18 February 2018

February 12th, 2018

It is Australia’s first SMART EATING WEEK this week so how are you going to participate? As it is the start of the New Year, it is a great time to review what you are doing and set new plans. Diet and exercise are the keys to longevity.


So in celebration of SMART EATING week here are some suggestions:

  1. Review the food you eat.
    Please use one of these links to assess your diet – either the CSIRO diet score or the Healthy Nutrition Quiz from the University of Newcastle or do both!
  2. Compare your score and then the dietary advice that is sent to you via the websites in response to you submitting your answers to the questionnaires.
  3. Plan to do 1 change every two weeks.
  4. Worryingly, the Fruit, Vegetables and Diet Score Report released by the CSIRIO, found one in two (51 per cent) adults are not eating the recommended intake of fruit, while two out of three adults (66 per cent) are not eating enough vegetables. So I expect one of the changes you may need to make will be to increase your fruit and vegetable intake. In this exercise I suggest you eat a rainbow- i.e. every day eat all the colours of the rainbow in fruit and vegetables(- see links and attachments) remember to eat at least 2 fruit and 5 vegetables a day!Eat-a-rainbow-fact-sheet

    Rainbow Colours of Fruit & Vegetables and their health benefits


  5. Finally review some good cookbooks or links to websites to get some healthy delicious recipes, for example:Some of our Favourites (pdf)
    Livelighter Salad Builder (pdf)
    Recipes | The Heart Foundation
    Diabetes Australia
    CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet
    Food As Medicine | Cooking for your best health
    More on Smart Eating Week at: Dietitians Association of Australia
  6. Finally – MOVE!
    Are you doing 30 minutes per day of activity?
    If not, find the time to do something – walk, swim, ride a bike , gym, tennis, yoga, pilates, tai chi, therabands, aqua-aerobics, etc.
    Enjoy the daylight savings’ afternoon sun!
  7. If you would like more advice on your particular food intake and how to improve your diet, make an appointment with your local Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) – look up the Dietitians Association of Australia Website and find your local APD.


“I hope this gives you some ideas to enjoy SMART EATING WEEK!”
Peter Talbot, APD, Dept Head, Dietetics and Nutrition, Westmead Hospital


For more information about supporting WMRF and hosting a fundraising event, please contact us on 1800 639 037 or via email

     WMRF Heart

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A Hope for Type 1 Diabetes Patients

July 12th, 2017

This week is Diabetes Week, 10 – 16 July

Last year we had the privilege of hosting a Community Seminar event on Diabetes and Research, and in particular, Professor Wayne Hawthorne’s research on ground-breaking islet cell transplantation as an innovative treatment for patients diagnosed with severe Type 1 diabetes. Here is a snippet of the presentation from the 2016 Community Seminar.

Can you imagine being a talented pastry chef and not being able to taste your own creations before serving them?

This was the case for Oliver, a severe Type 1 diabetes sufferer, who nearly had to abandon his successful career because of his disease.

Type 1 diabetes is an auto-immune disease, which destroys pancreatic islets – the cells that produce insulin. Patients require multiple daily insulin injections and constant monitoring of blood glucose. If not controlled, Type 1 diabetes can have massive health impacts and can be fatal. It can also affect quality of life and other chronic health complications.

For more than 20 years, Professor Wayne Hawthorne and his team at Westmead have been studying ground-breaking islet cell transplantation as an innovative treatment for patients diagnosed with severe Type 1 diabetes.

As researchers from The Westmead Institute and Westmead Hospital, they pioneered the first clinical trial of an innovative procedure where donor pancreatic islet cells were transplanted into the recipient’s liver.

Thanks to the Westmead team, people such as Oliver can return to their careers and significantly improved quality of life after islet cell transplantation.

Professor Hawthorne continues to lead a specialised research team, committed to providing patients with the best possible treatments for Type 1 diabetes.  They are now working to develop new technologies to cure many more patients suffering from the disease.

The team has already completed more than 50 clinical islet cell transplants at Westmead Hospital.  A milestone in their research combined with recent advances in medical technologies, is enabling more patients to benefit from this ground-breaking procedure.

Transplants require enormous co-ordination – between getting the call that a donor pancreas is available, the extraction of the islet cells and preparing the recipient for the procedure – Professor Hawthorne and the Westmead team dedicate incredible energy and time to the entire process.

The next steps in Professor Hawthorne’s research involve refining the process to help more people with Type 1 diabetes, by expanding the use of the currently available donor organs and streamlining the islet isolation process. These projects are the focus of several of their current research projects.

Professor Hawthorne stated,

“We have come so far in treatment options for Type 1 diabetes, but we won’t stop until we find a cure for all patients with Type 1 diabetes”

Photo courtesy of the Westmead Institute for Medical Research (WIMR)

To donate and help support research just like Professor Wayne Hawthorne, go to our DONATE  page, email us or call us at 1800 639 037 

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