Our stories

Megan is no ordinary volunteer at the  Westmead Medical Research Foundation. She is able to create awareness about  medical research using a very personal  approach.

When Megan was 12 years  old she lost her mother to breast cancer. Five years later she was diagnosed with grade 4 brain cancer. She underwent surgery and had daily chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Then, at the age of  22 Megan was diagnosed with breast  cancer, which led to more chemotherapy and a double mastectomy.

She has a strong and positive attitude that inspires others to join with her to  help make a difference. Megan firmly believes that she has survived for a reason and that it is to guide others through their own experience with serious illnesses.Her outlook on life, and the way she is able to turn her experience into a positive, is a true inspiration for others to take action.

    Please help us in our mission to reduce suffering and save lives. You can make an immediate and positive difference today.