Louisa & Phillipa

(Louisa and Phillipa's names have been changed and their images hidden to protect their privacy)

Louisa and Phillipa's 17-year friendship is a testament to their very survival. The friends met while undergoing treatment for acute promyeloctic leukaemia in 1993.

Louisa was just 22. With no confirmed treatment, she knew her survival odds weren't good. Trusting Westmead Millennium Institute researchers, Louisa agreed to take part in two clinical trials, aimed at finding a cure.

The researchers at Westmead Millennium Institute were trialing agents that inhibited one of the molecules that enabled the leukaemia to grow. This treatment was less toxic than the standard treatment, and enhanced the efficiency of chemotherapy without any adverse effects on the patients.

Now, more than 17 years after their treatment, Louisa and Phillipa still get together every year to celebrate their survival.

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