(Greg's name has been changed and his image hidden to protect his privacy)

Greg, a retired chartered accountant, woke up slumped at the wheel of his car. "I thought my heart had stopped," he said.

It hadn't. A dual diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmia and sleep apnoea is common, and Greg was diagnosed with chronic sleep apnoea.

Researchers at Westmead Millennium Institute's Ludwig Engel Centre for Respiratory Research recently established a link between sleep apnoea and stroke, a discovery that could have far-reaching implications for the management of snoring in preventing serious cardio vascular diseases.

For Greg, this research could make all the difference. "Finding the link between respiratory disorders and cardiac disease is vital if people like me are going to enjoy healthy retirements," he says.

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    Westmead Millennium Institute Cardio-respiratory research

    Combining labratory research and clinical studies the Cario-respiratory division is investigating common cardio and respiratory disorders like abnormal heart rhythms and sleep apnoea.

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