Our people

Westmead Medical Research Foundation is a small team of dedicated fundraising, marketing and administrative professionals, united and motivated by the belief that everyone who is sick deserves the best medical treatment and care, and committed to helping make that possible.

Meet the team

If you pop into our offices on the Westmead Hospital campus, here's who you'll meet (in alphabetical order).

Name:        Eric d'Indy
Position:     Executive Director

Name:        Cindy Eskarous
Position:     Marketing and Digital Communications Officer (Part Time)

Name:        Casey Evans
Position:     Communications and Marketing Manager

Name:        Sarah Finch
Position:     Executive Assistant, Operations Coordinator & Company Secretary

Name:        Tracy Graca
Position:     Community Fundraising Assistant (Part time)

Name:        Jo Sabbouh
Position:     Administration & Trust Fund Coordinator (Part-time)

Name:        Zsuzsanna Naszay
Position:     Finance and Administration Coordinator

Name:        Susie Saba
Position:     Community Fundraising Coordinator (Part time)

Name:        Simon Swarbrick
Position:     Database Marketing and Finance Manager

Name:        Belinda Szafraniec
Position:     Partnerships & Community Manager

    Please help us in our mission to reduce suffering and save lives. You can make an immediate and positive difference today.

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