My Westmead

My Westmead is Westmead Medical Research Foundation's exciting, grass-roots campaign for Sydney's west. It aims to supply urgently-needed equipment to Westmead Hospital and Westmead Millennium Institute, while drawing together our community in an unprecedented celebration of the cultural, economic and medical excellence in our region that give us good reason to feel proud.

Be proud!

World class medical services

Westmead is a site of medical excellence, where researchers, surgeons and nurses are leading the world in new treatments for chronic diseases and medical conditions impacting our families.

Westmead is leading the world in its treatment of girls with anorexia nervosa, literally saving hundreds of lives a year. Read more >>

Westmead is a leading hospital in performing pancreatic islet transplants to cure people with Type 1 diabetes, based on research conducted at Westmead Millennium Institute.

Westmead Hospital is a 'petri dish' for growing the nation's new medical talent, being the biggest teaching hospital in the southern hemisphere.

Above-and-beyond compassionate care

Westmead is a site where, on any given day, you will witness the 8500 hospital staff demonstrating care for their patients, and compassion, that is above-and-beyond the call of duty.

In their own time and at their own personal expense, the nurses in neonatal intensive care keep a scrapbook journal that records the days of the tiny babies in their care, as a keepsake for their parents.

Help them in this task >>


Patients tell stories about senior surgeons who have waited until 3am, long after their shift should have ended, to personally view their test results and be sure the patient gets the best possible care.

Our home, western Sydney

Here's a little something about our home, Greater Western Sydney, that you may not know. (Westmead Hospital provides specialist services - like cardiothoracic surgery, chemotherapy, transplants and neonatal intensive care to people in all 14 council areas of the west).

Greater Western Sydney is the fastest growing economy in the nation.

It is also the third biggest economy, contributing $80 billion a year to Australia's income.

Greater Western Sydney is one of the richest and diverse cultural mixes in Australia, with more than 120 languages spoken.

Greater Western Sydney is also the fastest growing population in Australia.

With 1.85 million residents, its population is bigger than that of South Australia; or of Tasmania, the Northern Territory and ACT combined.

    Please help us in our mission to reduce suffering and save lives. You can make an immediate and positive difference today.