Capital Campaign

As breakthroughs in medical research continue to identify new treatments and preventative  measures,patients can look forward to longer and healthier lives.  But for this to continue to  happen the research has to continue and that requires adequate funding. It is imperative that we all do everything that we can to support this vital research.

Medical research in Australia is at a turning point. For the first time in history, one word-class facility, located in western Sydney, will provide a home for some of Australia's best and brightest medical research scientists.

Position in market

Among Australia's top 10 medical research institutes

Track record

15 years: many world-first medical breakthroughs


Epicentre of western Sydney's health education/teaching


Collaborative and progressive bench-to-bedside research

The problem

Researchers scattered across more than 30 locations

The urgency

Staff trebled since 2000...more researchers needed

The opportunity

Link with two nearby leading research institutes

The solution

900 researchers co-located, sharing resources and collaborating

Added benefit

Researchers mentoring University of Sydney PhD students

The future

More effective treatments and life-saving discoveries

The invitation

Invest now to advance tomorrow's medical miracles...

If you are interested in knowing more about the new research hub building or would like to donate, please contact Joseph Herschel on 02 8836 4021.

    Please help us in our mission to reduce suffering and save lives. You can make an immediate and positive difference today.