In their own time, the nurses at Westmead Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit make a scrapbook for every one of the seriously ill babies in their care.

This gift covers the cost of the scrapbook and decorative materials, like glue, stickers, coloured paper, glitter, scissors and coloured textas.


(In the event that this gift is overstocked or no longer needed, we will use your gift to purchase something of equal value and usefulness, to the same people.)

Ellie's scrapbook

Little Ellie Wilmore weighed just 715 grams at birth and had chronic lung disease. In the first 48 hours of her life, Ellie kept pulling her tubes out and the nurses had to perform CPR with their index fingers to get her to breathe again

Ellie and her twin brother were born premature at just 26 weeks, and both spent 42 days in Neonatal Intensive Care.

If you were to open to a page in the middle of Ellie's scrapbook, you would see that her nurse (Trisha) had taken an ink stamp of Ellie's tiny footprints and encased them in a love-heart and stick-on stars. Underneath, Trisha wrote:

"Midnight 24 February. Day 14. These are your tiny foot prints you left near the door as you tried to creep out and go home to mum and dad, but I caught you. Now you are back in your crib, sound asleep and getting bigger and cuter."

On another page, you would see a certificate pasted into the book, illustrated with a teddy bear and gifts, saying:

"Congratulations Ellie you now weigh more than 1000g! It only seems like yesterday you were only 715g. Although it is hard to remember just how tiny you were. You are also having 8 hours of your CPAP, and having 13mls of mummy milk. You are a star! Keep up the good work."


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