When some patients are diagnosed with deadly diseases, the need for treatment is so urgent that they do not even have time to go home and pack any bags.

For patients in these circumstances -- or for their families who unexpectedly stay the night in hospital -- we have put together an overnight stay pack, based on the items our patients themselves have asked for.

This includes basic toiletries, such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and hand cream, as well as soft tissues, a writing pad and pen, and a phone card to call home.

(In the event that this gift is overstocked or no longer needed, we will use your gift to purchase something of equal value and usefulness, to the same people.)

Stephanie's story

"When I was given the diagnosis, I wasn't even allowed to go home and pack my bags," remembers leukaemia patient Stephanie Ah-Caan. "I was just put into hospital and entered treatment immediately."

Why the urgency? Leukaemia is an aggressive form of cancer, causing a rapid increase in immature blood cells. Without immediate treatment, bone marrow is unable to produce healthy blood cells, and the malignant cells accumulate.

In the hands of the specialists of Westmead, Stephanie's treatment was successful. "I was able to beat leukaemia after a bone marrow transplant from my little brother," she says. "My doctors say that the chances I'll be sick with leukaemia again are less than 5 percent. I think that's just amazing."

The survival rates for leukaemia have increased from just 20 percent not long ago, to 80 percent today, through medical research. But, sadly, not all deaths from leukaemia can be prevented. Researchers at Westmead continue to strive for a cure.

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