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The faces behind our incredibly generous fundraisers – The Doig Family

December 13th, 2017


“Funding from donors towards small things for the Palliative Care Unit is crucial;
like a new couch, a new paint job, nice curtains, things to improve the environment for families at such a really difficult time.
And so, it is not just about looking after the patients, it’s also about caring for the families to help them through this difficult journey.
It was just immeasurable the impact of what the Doig family, for example,
did for the staff. It actually leads to better patient care because the staff are just overwhelmed by that generosity and
gives them really good feedback about the job they’re doing, so in the long run patient care actually improves from the high levels that it’s at already,”
said Dr Philip Lee


Joe Conneely, Head of Development at WMRF, said that the fundraisers who attended the event are truly committed to the Foundation’s mission of supporting the delivery of medical research & patient care.



“Without the incredible generosity of fundraisers like the Doig family, we would be unable to achieve our results translated into support for a diverse range of Westmead Hospital areas and wards” he said.


WMRF Heart Thank you to the Doig family for all your support  WMRF Heart


For more information about supporting WMRF and hosting a fundraising event, please contact Marlene Nasr, Community Relations & Events Manager on 1800 639 037 or via email

     WMRF Heart


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