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SMART EATING WEEK | 12-18 February 2018

February 12th, 2018

It is Australia’s first SMART EATING WEEK this week so how are you going to participate? As it is the start of the New Year, it is a great time to review what you are doing and set new plans. Diet and exercise are the keys to longevity.


So in celebration of SMART EATING week here are some suggestions:

  1. Review the food you eat.
    Please use one of these links to assess your diet – either the CSIRO diet score or the Healthy Nutrition Quiz from the University of Newcastle or do both!
  2. Compare your score and then the dietary advice that is sent to you via the websites in response to you submitting your answers to the questionnaires.
  3. Plan to do 1 change every two weeks.
  4. Worryingly, the Fruit, Vegetables and Diet Score Report released by the CSIRIO, found one in two (51 per cent) adults are not eating the recommended intake of fruit, while two out of three adults (66 per cent) are not eating enough vegetables. So I expect one of the changes you may need to make will be to increase your fruit and vegetable intake. In this exercise I suggest you eat a rainbow- i.e. every day eat all the colours of the rainbow in fruit and vegetables(- see links and attachments) remember to eat at least 2 fruit and 5 vegetables a day!Eat-a-rainbow-fact-sheet

    Rainbow Colours of Fruit & Vegetables and their health benefits


  5. Finally review some good cookbooks or links to websites to get some healthy delicious recipes, for example:Some of our Favourites (pdf)
    Livelighter Salad Builder (pdf)
    Recipes | The Heart Foundation
    Diabetes Australia
    CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet
    Food As Medicine | Cooking for your best health
    More on Smart Eating Week at: Dietitians Association of Australia
  6. Finally – MOVE!
    Are you doing 30 minutes per day of activity?
    If not, find the time to do something – walk, swim, ride a bike , gym, tennis, yoga, pilates, tai chi, therabands, aqua-aerobics, etc.
    Enjoy the daylight savings’ afternoon sun!
  7. If you would like more advice on your particular food intake and how to improve your diet, make an appointment with your local Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) – look up the Dietitians Association of Australia Website and find your local APD.


“I hope this gives you some ideas to enjoy SMART EATING WEEK!”
Peter Talbot, APD, Dept Head, Dietetics and Nutrition, Westmead Hospital


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