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Shave For Silas

September 21st, 2017

Last year, Silas, a happy 18-month old boy who loves the Paw Patrol TV show, was diagnosed with a Medulloblastoma SHH – also known as a brain tumour that was the size of a large orange that took up approximately 20% of his brain cavity.

Brave Silas underwent three surgeries over two weeks and thanks to the specialist team at Westmead, led by Dr Mark Dexter, the entire visible tumour was removed.

Dr Dexter’s team is committed to providing excellence in neurosurgical care at Westmead.

Every day, we have the chance to make someone’s life a little bit better,”
said Dr Dexter.

By the end of the surgeries and on the first day of Silas’ chemotherapy, Kyrra – Silas’ mother who was 29 weeks pregnant – had to be rushed to hospital for an emergency caesarean, as the stress and anxiety with Silas condition had caused her kidneys and liver to shut down.

She was given 50/50 odds and her newborn daughter – Charlie – was given even less. Charlie was born at 1.2Kg and spent 6 weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Earlier this year, Kyrra and her family generously organised an online fundraiser “Shave 4 Silas.” Through this initiative, and with the amazing support of Kyrra’s sister – Larran and Silas’ godfather – Mani, they raised over $11,000 donated to Westmead Medical Research Foundation to support the work of Dr Dexter and his Neurosurgery team at Westmead Hospital.

 “My son Silas will be completing his current phase of chemotherapy in January. To mark this special occasion I will be shaving my head so that our hair will grow back together!” said Kyrra at the time she decided to go ahead with this generous gesture.

Silas and baby sister Charlie while she was in NICU

Silas and Charlie are doing well and the family is very pleased and thankful for the results of the crowdfunding project. “All the funds generously raised by over 80 donors will be directed towards new equipment for the surgical team at Westmead that removed my Silas’ brain tumour… without them I wouldn’t have my Silas today,” said Kyrra.

For more information about supporting Westmead Medical Research Foundation via hosting a fundraising event, please contact Marlene Nasr, Community Relations & Events Manager via email or on 1800 639 037.

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